• Hand Drawn Typeface • Teacher’s Demo

Originally I was concentrating on the word: E N E R G Y, and I believe this title, for a typeface, may already exist, thus S Y N E R G Y seemed the next likely option, and dots and dashes of electrical outlets, easily came to mind: as the core elements for these preliminary/secondary… drafts:

S Y N E R G Y – In English, *drafts altering the scale/proportion of Century Gothic Bold:

Scan 1

3 Scan 1


Also, make use of different grids to change the course and direction of your first drafts:



Scan 4

Scan 3

Also try to recreate grids… allowing the grid to dissolve… so that it is possible to perceive letters of your word/alphabet/typeface within the negative/positive or in-between spaces:


Collecting the final letterfom sketches/drafts into one alphabet (for digital re-rendering):


Preliminary + Secondary… Hand Drawn Drafts of Typeface: “S Y N E R G Y”… for Step-by-Step Instructions + Digital Drafts – visit… all menus of this project – Demos – by Mrs. Cruz

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