• Project III – (Final) Mise-en-Scène – Teacher’s Demo (1)

Creating Animation Cells >

Two or more layers of animation can overlap… for instance (1) text vs. (2) photographs… in this case I am overlapping my Rotoscoped-Type-Animation as a series of transparent cells above a series of aerial photographs.

First, for the 50 type cells: it is necessary to erase the backgrounds for each:

Open Adobe Photoshop >

Open the succession of type cells in Photoshop, and begin with Cell 1

For every cell that is selected go to > WINDOW (on the menu bar) > Layers

Double Click on each ‘working layer’, one by one, and change ‘Background’ to ‘Layer O’ (This will make it possible to delete backgrounds and keep ‘text-layers’ transparent)

Using the *Magic Wand Tool > Select the text (on ‘Layer O’)>

Go to SELECT (on the menu bar) > Select All (do this 2 or 3 times / again + again)

Go to SELECT > Inverse

Press the [Delete] Key

The text should now stand alone, without its background – as the backdrop is transparent

*Also – Remember to incorporate the use of your own original typeface / font…

Save this file as ‘Text01.psd’ or ‘Text001.psd’- each text cell should be transparent and saved as a Photoshop.psd file (‘Text01.psd,’ ‘Text02.psd’… or … ‘Text001.psd,’ ‘Text002.psd’) in their own Text Folder.

Save each cell the same way… in succession:




Second… these ‘text.psd’ layers (above) are ready to overlap these photo layers (below >)

Each photo layer is also saved in succession: (‘Photo01,’ ‘Photo02,’ ‘Photo03’… or … ‘Photo001,’ ‘Photo002,’ ‘Photo003’), in their own Photo Folder >




Finally drag and place… the transparent text layers… onto (over) the photo layers to combine word + image…

Flatten the layers of text (word) + image (photo) and title/save each… in succession… (‘Frame01.jpg,’ ‘Frame02.jpg’…or… ‘Frame001.jpg,’ ‘Frame002.jpg’) keeping all the ‘Frames’ in their own Frame Folder >

*See the next (tutorial) page for ‘Teacher’s Demo 2’…

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