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T y P o G r @ P h Y

Printing Instructions ( – From Prof. M. Ferranto)

IT will be expanding the pilot of the PaperCut system that will track and monitor printing in student labs. PaperCut is now monitoring all student printers.

The purpose of this new system is to stop the excessive waste of paper. At every student printer on campus there is a large barrel of abandoned printouts, which is what we are targeting to eliminate. During the semester, on average, the campus prints over 400,000 sheets of paper per month! On 3/12/2013, over 15,000 printouts were made in student labs in the Library and TEC25 alone.

How this will work:

  • Students will be given a starting balance for $25 worth of printing. This is approximately 1 ream (500 sheets) of paper depending on which printer they use. We expect this allotment to be adequate for more than 99% of students.
  • At the end of the semester, the student balance will be zero’d out. There will be no rollover or refund of the balance. For users that exceed their allotment, there will be a self-service interface to add more funds to the account.
  • Cost of printing will depend on the printer. Approximate values will be 5¢ for black and white printing and 15¢ for color laser printing. Using plotters and high-end ink jet printers may be more. The pricing is yet to be set.
  • Duplex printing (double-sided) will be required.
  • Currently, the restrictions are set for 1 copy only, maximum 22 pages per job, and repeat jobs must wait 2 minutes before being resubmitted.
  • Members of the public will be able to print in the Library using a temporary id with limited pages.
  • Printing will be allowed from laptops and tablets in the Library using a web interface. Pages printed using this method will also count towards a user’s total.
  • Staff and Faculty will also be able to print in student labs but they will be required to sign on using their network credentials.
  • Once the pilot is completed and the system is put into production, PaperCut will be installed on ALL student printers including extension sites.

The actual procedure for printing will be as follows:

Printing from College PCs –

When Printing, the user will be prompted for their userid:


Once the user logs in  successfully, he/she will need to confirm:


Once the user clicks print, the document(s) will be printed.