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Grid System Concepts


General Supply List – Only if you do not already have some of these materials:

• Quality USB 16g (or higher) flash drive/s (as needed) – or – *very good mini
hard drive: such as the “Rugged Lacie” (with multiple ports: USB/Firewire…)
• Sony CD-R’s/DVD-R’s (if needed, also great for video/audio/sound recording)
• 5 Graphite drawing pencils: 2H (x1), 2B (x2), 4B (x2)
• 1 Kneaded eraser (grey eraser – such as Sanford Design, General’s… brands)
• 1 Graphic eraser (white eraser – such as the Pelkan, Staedtler Mars, Pilot… brands)
• 3 Large glue sticks (clear, acid free, photo safe… such as ‘Avery Permanent Glue Stic’)
• Steel ruler – 12”
• 8.5 x 11” Archival (Acid-Free) Cardstock (@ Staples)
• White drawing paper, 18×24” (5 or more sheets)
• Breakaway-blade small, steel – such as ‘Kobalt’ (preferred brand) – utility knife (with extra blades)
• 3 Pilot Precise (archival) black fine or extra fine pens (great for drawing)
• Watercolor, gouache or acrylic paint set as needed (select favorite)
• Round ‘sable’, ‘sable blend’ (or ‘Sablette’) watercolor brushes as needed
• Detail Brush #1 or #2 and sizes that tend to load water well:  #4, #6 or #8. If your medium is acrylic you may want to pick up a couple of acrylic ‘filbert’ brushes such as #4 or #6 for thicker paint/greater control… as needed
• Palette (and a plastic jar w/sealing lid for water) + paper towels as needed
• 1 role of masking tape as needed
• Multi drawing and (jet/laser) printing papers as needed